Interesting books

                         - Paleontology

                                        A Pictorial Guide to the Orders of Trilobites, Samuel M. Gon.


                                               Trilobite!  Eyewitness to Evolution, Richard Fortey.

                                     - Biology   

                                        The Selfisch Gene, Richard Dawkins.


                                               Onze zelfzuchtige genen, Richard Dawkins. (Dutch)


                                        The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution, Richard Dawkins.

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                                        Het grootste spektakel ter wereld  (Bewijs voor Evolutie)

                                        Richard Dawkins (Dutch)


                                        Het verdriet van Darwin, Jan De Laender. (Dutch)


                                     - Astronomy

                                        The Stars; a new way to see them, H.A. Rey.

                                        Cosmos, Carl Sagan.

                                        Cosmos, Carl Sagan. (Dutch)

                         - Model Rocketry

                                        Handbook of Model Rocketry, G. Harry Stine and Bill Stine.